Iraq offers corporate business an inventive marketplace full of new opportunities just waiting to be explored, but it also has its risks. Dealing with the innumerable risks successfully can revolutionize opportunities. 


In Iraqi's obscure business climate, the strategic plan needs to facilitate the successful operation of the organization with flexibility and precision. Establishments likely to succeed are those able to recognize possible threats and know how to overcome them. Risk management is about identifying hazards as well as implementing regulations to ensure safety of people.  




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Terrorism, criminal industries, political and cultural pandemonium coupled with obsolete infrastructure present intimidating challenges to those operating within Iraq. Success follows from the goals and strategic plans an organization develops and implements as it learns from its experiences, including threats to its operations.


Without the ability to formulate solutions when confronted by threats an organization’s success will suffer.



Post Conflict Operations


Security Operations




Transport & Accommodations


 Core Group provides planning, proactive assistance, and support designed to provide both a channel for achievement and the ability to identify and navigate the risk environments.



  • - Security Operatives  


  • - Vehicular Transport - Convoy Security  


  • - Accommodation  


  • - Communications and Satellite Tracking Systems


  • - Strategic Security Assessment


  • - Force Protection and Movement Control


  • - Site Security - Security Guard Force